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Evgeniya Kazantseva

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Let me introduce myself: my name is Nina Kazarina, I am 33 years old and I have a higher education from one of the most prestigious universities of Russia- Hertsen University, the department of foreign languages.

I am an accredited and certificated guide by the St.Petersburg Government Committee for Investments and Strategic projects Tourism Management Department and City Tourist Information Center and I have all necessary licences.

I have a driving licence and my own form of transport so I can be a driver at the same time, but what is the most important about me – I have a great desire to work with my guests! As I love my city and I am dreaming about my work the whole year, so out of the season I study a lot,so I can give more interesting information to YOU, my guest, so my tours are not boring because all the time I have something new for YOU,my guest!

Together with my guests we will discover Classical Saint -Petersburg with its magnificent Catherine Palace and luxurious fountains of Peterghof , you will definitely learn how to drink Russian vodka :) and you will feel real Russin culture exploring ancient yards of my city.

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